Battleforce Drukhari Poisonblade Raiding Party


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Includes 27  models

  • 1 x Archon
  • 20 x Kabalite Warriors
  • 3 x Reavers
  • 1 x venom
  • 1 x Razorwing Jetfighter
  • 1 x Talos

Out of stock

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Like its namesake, the Poisonblade Raiding Party slips through the enemy’s defences to strike at their very heart. A malevolent Drukhari Archon leads the raiding party, issuing imperious commands to his followers and cutting down those foes foolish enough to test their might against him. Squards of Kabalite Warriors obey with deadly efficiency, their hails of splinter fire withering the enemy’s ranks before the Reavers streak down upon their bladed jetbikes to cut down those who survive. Fast moving heavy firepower is provided by a hurtling Vemon and a sleek and terrifying Razorwing Jetfighter whose missiles streak down to annihilate centres of enemy resistance. Meanwhile, drifting through the carnage like some ghoulish specter comes a Pain Engine; foul energies wash from its weapons to agonize the foe, or drain their life energies from them and leave naught but twisted husks scattered across the field of war.


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