Battleforce Skaven Corrupting War-Swarm


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1 x Grey Seer

1 x Verminlord Corruptor

20 x Clanrats

20 x Plague Monks

1 x Plagueclaw

1 x Screaming Bell

1 x Plague Priest

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Numberless are the skaven, a race of cunning and malicious ratmen. Their Courrupting War-Swarms seek to spread pestilence far across the Mortal Realms. Surging tides of Clanrats skitter forth towrds the enemy, screeching as they gall upon their prey with rusted blades. Roded zealots led by pox-ridden Plague Priests follow swiftly behind, waving putrid censers and chanting praises to the Great Horned Rat. Immense bells unleash proclamations of doom, and demented war engines hurl cascades of toxic filth, while the towering abominations known as Verminlord Corruptors stride forward through the mass of mangey bodies, bringing death to all who face them.


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